Travelers Guide to FLL Airport

Just like how each and every destination differs from the other, each airport will also always be different from another. The same as wandering through a new city, having to navigate through a new airport could be quite a challenge. You would probably feel hungry and would look for your favorite food house such as Ivar’s chowder or SeaTac for mac cheese but don’t have an idea where to find it. Or you would probably look for a yoga sports house like the SFO’s over at Terminal 2 while waiting for your next flight.

If you are among people like us who just don’t want to sit around in an airport and love to wander around then you’re in for a treat in this article. Today we’ll be your guide through Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport.

About FLL

Located 4 miles below Fort Lauderdale then 22 more miles north of Miami is Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport – among US’s top 15 international gateways. It also provides a number of hubs such as the Spirit airlines hub which is their largest hub yet, Jetblue, Frontier along with Southwest. FLL boasts 4 major Terminals with Terminal 4 as the International Terminal. Long-haul flights are still served in the Miami International airport since FLL has become the international gateway. The same with Miami international Airport which comes with public buses and flow of transportations, FLL also provides the same services and convenience to travelers and passengers with their car rental services that are conveniently located at Terminal 1. As usual, a free Wi-Fi connection is offered to all passengers and travelers within the vicinity without time limits.

Eats and Grubs

South Florida airports including Fort Lauderdale International Airport are a good place to visit if you are looking for Cuban food especially while the Cuban trend is on its way. On Terminal 1 you will find Sergio’s Cuban Café along with Casavana Cage over at Terminal 4 for the best and most mouth-watering Cuban dishes such as Cuban sandwiches and empanadas. One unique food hub is the Food Network kitchen that is located at Terminal 3 that offers customers a wide variety of sandwiches and to-go items that are locally influenced for local taste of international cuisines and food delicacies. You can also check out other food stores such as Shula Burger at Terminal 1, Pei Wei Asian Diner for Asian foods at Terminal 3, Zona Fresca at Terminal 4, and Mexican foods at Terminals 1 and 3.


You can begin your search for drinks, refreshments and beverages over at the restaurants mentioned above or at the bars and beer stations such as the bar in Casavana for their mojitos and unique cocktail drinks. You can also check out the more staple bar Landshark that is located at the first Terminal and the Blue Bar that is located at the Terminal 3. Likewise, if you’re staying at Terminal 4 you can also check out Kafe Kalik which is more of the Carribean-themed resto and bar.


Designer shops are also to be expected within FLL International Airport and among them include Discovery Fort Lauderdale that is located on the first Terminal, Brooks Brothers over at the Terminal 3 and of course – duty free shops on any Terminals. In every Terminal you will be, you will find a number of designs and art showcases even art galleries such as the Lee Wagener Art Gallery that is located in Terminal 2 just before security. You can also use the airport complimentary Sun trolley to carry your bags and luggage as you waltz through the airport attractions.


The Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport is home to a number of airline lounges such as United Club which is located at Terminal 1 and Delta Sky Club which is located at the second Terminal. Also, if you want to know more about the info and whereabouts of the Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport lounges as well as parking spaces then you can simply visit the LoungeBuddy feature within the Triplt app.