Activities To Do While at the City of Bath

The historic city of Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, situated just 97 miles west of London. Loveable fact about Bath is that the city hardly changed its character and the nature of its architecture over the years, giving it a look of an 18th century Roman-ish feel.

Be a roman for a day

The Romans were the first to settle at the land that we now know as Bath, your visit to Bath can never be complete unless you revel in these Roman ruins with hot springs that have been watering the city for centuries. There are very well-preserved spas and baths below the street level based around these natural pumps of mineral water.

Cool off at Thermae Bath Spa

After a tiring day wandering about the ancient ruins, maybe the best idea is to call the day of, and spend the rest of it at Thermae Bath Spa. The facility has a splendid open-air pool with warm mineral water, and many aromatherapy steam rooms. This how the Romans and Georgians spent parts of their days centuries ago, follow the footsteps.

Architectural wonders in Bath

Romans held the city of Bath very dearly, but by the fall of the Roman empire, Bath also lost its charm and sunk out of the world’s eyes briefly. That was, until it was again revived as a world-famous center for socialization and wellness in England. Hence started the golden era for Bath when architectural wonders sprang out around the springs.